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tyra_challenge's Journal

Tyra Banks Icon Challenge
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Welcome to tyra_challenge, the first challenge dedicated to the beautiful Miss Tyra Banks. Though she has retired from modeling, she'll always be an amazing angel & one of the most beautiful women alive. This challenge is MEMBERS ONLY, so if you would like to participate, you must join the community. Each Thursday we will provide you with images that you can make icons out of. You'll have until the next Friday to enter up to two icons (unless otherwise posted). Voting will then take place Saturday-Sunday. If there happens to be a tie in any challenge a tie breaker will be held. We hate seeing the same few people win each challenge & others do to so please be creative; there is no limit on how far you can go with an icon. And always remember to have fun!!
{01} You may submit two icons per challenge unless otherwise stated. When entering a challenge leave a comment in the challenge entry with your icon(s) and link(s).
{02} All entries must be original work.
{03} Entries must be standard livejournal size (100x100 or 40 kb).
{04} Don't vote for yourself. This is cheating & it will not be tolerated.
{05} Don't use/display icons until the challenge is over and winners are announced.
{06} This isn't the place to find icons. So don't steal any. If the maker gives them out on their own that's their decision. (If you like an icon you may ask us who has made it after winners are announced so that you may ask them if you can use it)
{01} First you need to sign-up. Sign-ups will stay up until the end of the first challenge! Be sure to JOIN (and optionally friend) the community. If you don't, you will not be able to participate! Don't forget to mention the word BANKABLE somewhere in your sign-up post. If you don't, you will not be included in the competition.
{02} The first challenge will be posted on the first Wednesday after 20 people are signed up.
{03}All challenges will be posted on Wednesday. You will have until the NEXT Sunday @ 8pm EST to enter (please see time conversion HERE). You must enter and compete in every challenge posted! If you are voted off or miss a challenge, you may not participate in future challenges (until the next round). If you break a rule or miss a challenge you are automatically disqualified!
{04} Voting will be posted after the entry date has passed, or all participants have submitted their icons. Each week you will vote off a specified amount of icons, voting off the worst icon.
{05} The results of voting will be posted on the Tuesday after the voting goes up. Whoever receives the most votes will be out of the competition and will not be allowed to participate.
{06} All icons must remain anonymous until the results of the challenge are posted. If your icon is posted or shown to anyone you will be disqualified from the competition.
{07} Every participant will be allowed one free bye/skip. You can use this bye to not participate in a challenge, whether it be because you are away for the week or if you don't think you can make a good icon with the picture provided. Remember to use your bye wisely!!
{08} You may earn another bye by promoting of the community and the LIMS competition!! You must provide a valid link to the promotion. It would be best if you had it in your userinfo or a public entry in your journal :)
love_luxury - Creator
likhy - Mod
queen_nothin - Banner Maker
chickadork - Banner Maker
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